About Us

Marvin Toliver, LCSW

Marvin Toliver is a co-founder of Melanated Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working as a therapist with the Radical Therapy Center in Philadelphia, PA. Marvin is someone who has always gravitated toward leadership roles both in his personal and professional life. At an early age, Marvin recognized the power he had to encourage and influence others, and has had several positions that helped cultivate that power. Marvin has served with City Miami, worked with Treasure Island Job Corps, and held various positions within education that helped shape who he is as a Black man navigating the world. Marvin makes it a point to use this power to fight for change and tackle issues of racism and White Supremacy. He also uses this power to uplift the Black community, LGBTQ community, and other groups who have been marginalized in America (especially Black women). Marvin is also a creator, writer, consultant, and public speaker, and wants to encourage others to see the power within themselves and use their voices to fight for justice.


Jesse Wiltey, LCSW

Jesse Wiltey is the co-founder of Melanated Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Jesse has provided mental health services to young people and their families for over a decade. He was always passionate about helping his community and originally planned on becoming a doctor. But, while working on a suicide hotline, he witnessed the impact that divestments in mental health services had on communities and became committed to serving his community as a therapist.
Jesse is a first-generation college graduate, having received a B.A. in Molecular & Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. He also obtained a Master of Social Work from Boston College School of Social Work, where he met the other members of Melanated Social Work. Jesse is passionate about decolonizing mental health practices and shifting models of healing toward collective care. Jesse was born and raised in the Bay Area, a veteran of the hyphy movement, and an official baydestrian. Jesse is leading by supporting the healing of BIPOC communities and shifting the ways in which therapeutic services are offered and received. Through the Melanated Social Work Instagram and podcast, Jesse, along with the other folks of Melanated Social Work, support healers lean into a practice of liberation therapy and empower individuals to expand the possibilities around their own healing. Jesse is committed to dismantling white supremacy within healing practices to support increased access to therapy for BIPOC people.


Michael Grinnell, LCSW

Michael is a co-founder of Melanated Social Work and Licensed Certified Social Worker. Michael has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to serve his community. As a Minnesota native, he received a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton College and a Master of Social Work from Boston College School of Social Work. Michael is a skillful advocate for social justice in the mental health space, with extensive experience providing clinical services to children, youth, and families. He is trained in several therapeutic modalities and currently serves as a Staff Therapist at Williams College Integrative Wellbeing Services. Prior to working in college mental health, he provided clinical services for the Department of Family Services in Fairfax County, VA, Justice Resource Institute, and Wediko Children’s Services. Michael is an avid hoops fan and chess player.
Michael is bringing the perspective of a millennial, Black, bi-racial man into the field of social work, where less than 10% of social workers identify as a man under the age of 34, and an even smaller percentage identify as a man of color. Michael is focused on building community and supporting the mental wellbeing of the students of color in higher education, more specifically he is passionate about empowering the students who identify as men of color.

Josh McNeil, LCSW

Josh is a co-founder of Melanated Social Work and Licensed Certified Social Worker. Josh loves being a therapist and his ability to hold people’s stories while helping them navigate trauma. As a Black man, he is particularly passionate about destigmatizing mental health in the Black community. Josh has used his clinical social work skills to bring healing to Black communities in New York City and Boston.